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How to create a e-learning platform for the Academy of Physical Education and Sport used by over 60,000 users in 10 days?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic forced educational institutions and commercial companies to move into the digital world. That has significantly impacted the health and lives of young students, who, regardless of their age, gave up sports and all forms of physical activity. Imposed restrictions on leaving home, lack of PE classes and additional sport activities have substantially worsened the fitness level of students studying remotely.

The Academy of Physical Education and Sport decided on immediate intervention. How? By developing an educational programme called “Active come back to schools”. Its main goal was monitoring fitness level of students after resuming stationary classes Furthermore, the programme was aimed at improving student's endurance, therefore combating the results of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recipients of the programme were students and their parents, as well as PE teachers.

Which platform allows an implementation within less than 1 month?

Which platform enables registration of tens of thousands of users?

Which platform can handle heavy traffic of thousands of users at the same time?

Which platform allows creating multiple educational pathways for teachers and students with their parents?

What form should have the materials to be comprehensible for many varieties of diversified audience groups? Moreover, how to make them attractive?

How to create an easy-to-use interface to manage courses and workshops across the whole country?

The key challenge encountered by The Academy of Physical Education and Sport was the choice of e-learning platform to be used.


Why Wellms?

An answer to all these challenges proved to be headless e-learning platform Wellms, which allows customisation on each level of implementation.

Wellms is coded with cutting-edge PHP8 and TypeScript coding languages. Platform can be fully configurable and focused on providing a powerful and high-performance API.

Wellms in comparison to other LMS platforms with monolithic architecture, provides fast, time and money efficient implementation.

The platform enables creating separate system areas for different groups of users; in this case students with their parents and teaching staff. One platform allows management of various elements: courses, workshops, monitoring and grading of students results.


What did our cooperation look like? The process had three steps:

Analysis of the needs of students in Poland.

Use of Wellms for this project had a main goal of monitoring their fitness level. The Academy of Physical Education and Sport needed implementation of the following features: confirmation of completion of all materials by user, ability to view materials after completing the course, tests after each thematic unit, a discussion board, certificates, a report from each learning unit, results and statistics (how many students have registered and what were the results).

2 days workshop with Universities of Physical Education across Poland.

In-depth analysis of client needs with a group of experts - front and backend developers, as well as graphic and UX designers. Resulted with a complete documentation of client requirements including the recommendation on how to address them.


After determining the exact requirements, we were able to implement Wellms. By using pre-existing pieces of code, co-called blocks, we have matched the platform to the unique needs of our client. The process does not involve building from scratch which would generate extra cost and time.




Most distinguished characteristics of the Wellms platform for The Academy of Physical Education and Sport:

Integration with SSO platform - by integrating the registration website for teachers and students with the Wellms we have created one ecosystem, which eliminates the need to repeatedly register to the platform.

Video teaching - uploaded on the platform video materials

H5P (Html-5-Package) interactions - variety of tasks and question forms used in educational materials. Includes: sorting answers according to illustrations, true or false questions, multiple and single choice questions, interactive question cards, clickable elements on images, open questions. All answers are scored automatically. User receives immediate results together with the information about completion of the test.

Interactive tests - for theory

Statistics and reports - information about traffic on website and results of each user or group of users


The homepage of the e-learning platform was created within 7 days. It was used by over 60,000 users: teachers, students and parents from all over Poland: Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice and Poznań. In close cooperation with The Academy of Physical Education and Sport, we have created 39 courses with 400 videos and 878 scenarios.

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